European Scientific Institute (ESI) in Archamps, France experienced a big surprise during their 10 day-course about the different issues of nanotechnology in May 2018. Coming from across various disciplines like pharmacy, bioethics, chemistry law and physics the students soon realized the importance of law in relation to nanotechnology.
Thus they were delighted to get the first editions of the new book by Dr. Ilise Feitshans „Global Health impacts of Nanotechnology Law: A Tool for Stadeholder Engagement“. The first printing of the book by the international lawyer Dr. Feitshans was published by conincidence at the time of her lessons at the school. Another conincidence was the presence of Dr. Mark Hoover from the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The Co-Director at the Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies was not only teaching at ESI, but had been her mentor and docotral thesis advisor Dr. Feitshans during her research in Geneva and Lausanne Switzerland, as well as offering suggestions about her work on the book. The book is dedicated to her children, nephews and their children and grandchildren, with special thanks to her new spouse Dominique Charoy and to Dr Mark Hoover. Thus the presentation of the first copies of the book became a very emotional event when Dr. Feitshans thanked Dr. Hoover for his enduring support. The students were excited to hold a  book in their hands giving them a first hand opportunity to enhance their understanding of the impacts of nanotechnology on commerce, medicine and real business.