Europlanet RI 2020 offers a series of Outreach Experts Workshops aiming to bring together representatives of outreach providers and professionals of science communication (such as journalists and social media managers, public information officers, educators and schools liaison officers, astronomy amateurs) to discuss and share best practice and to brainstorm in order to develop new ideas for effective communication. They offer an opportunity for professionals working on the same scientific discipline, namely planetary science, to share resources and materials with one another and to keep in touch with the latest scientific achievements through contact with the broader scientific community.

The Outreach Experts Workshops also welcome planetary scientists, hoping to strengthen the relationship between science and society and to provide a forum for discussions  between professional communicators and the scientists themselves. The workshops can provide an opportunity for scientists to come in contact with current outreach activities in planetary science, encourage them to build communication skills and confidence in engaging with public audiences and, thus, become themselves more active in science communication.

The first in a series Outreach Experts Workshop was organized on July 4. Outreach and communication experts presented the dissemination and/or engagement activities carried out by their institution, providing best outreach practices and methodologies, empirical evidence   from research in science communication and case studies. Brainstorming sessions, focused discussions, small group work on specific themes and practice sessions of effective science communication have followed. Participants were encouraged to identify additional opportunities to promote planetary science to the public on a national and pan-European scale, and build networks to share resources.

Juno arrives at Jupiter on the evening of 4th July and Europlanet actively promotes European involvement in the mission. A public event was organized, after the end of the Outreach Experts Workshop to celebrate arrival of Juno at Jupiter and orbit insertion.

It consisted of a round-table panel discussion with planetary scientists, attended by members of the public and journalists, and a live link  with one or more Juno scientists which addressed the public and answered questions.

Dr. Eleni Chatzichristou, deputy director of EURILST, is coordinating outreach activities of Europlanet in Greece in collaboration with Prof Ioannis Daglis who is responsible for the Greek partnership of Europlanet.

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